The cost of bringing a case to trial can be prohibitive.

We are proud to offer you a cost effective, timely resolution of your claim at realistic rates. Our professional and comfortable atmosphere allows all parties to focus on the resolution of the case at hand.

Why Choose Mediation

This data is based on detailed case reports submitted by the lead trial counsel in all cases in which a private neutral conducted an ADR process in Department litigation across the country.


Define Mediation: Negotiation sessions guided by a neutral third party. A skilled mediator will help clarify issues, find common ground, maintain focus and lead everyone toward an agreeable outcome.


Define Arbitration: A procedure during which disputing parties present their case to a neutral, mutually agreed upon arbitrator. Judgment is binding.

Syracuse Mediator James Reid

James E. Reid

An experienced, professional arbitrator and mediator

James E. Reid has established a strong reputation in alternative dispute resolution in his capacity as the principal of AFI. He has logged years of trial work on both sides of the table in personal injury, negligence, professional malpractice and insurance cases, and is ready to help you achieve the resolution of your case. James E. Reid is the principal of Advocate's Forum, Inc.

About James E. Reid