Travel insurance mediation services for travel insurance claim disputes between the insured and their insurance companies can avoid the risks of settling a dispute through litigation. Travel insurance resolution services involve an unbiased, outside perspective through instead of relying on a court and jury resolution.

While every dispute and situation can be unique, going through either mediation or arbitration can help you avoid litigation. Travel insurance dispute resolution services can be used for a variety of claim types and can be settled without the pain of going through costly and time-consuming litigation.

Our experts cut through rhetoric to uncover the key issues at hand for travel insurance disputes by reviewing the information from both parties. They get a deep understanding of the interests, goals, and fears for each member of the dispute. From there, they properly offer solutions that help to settle life insurance disputes. Having an expert at the table who is effective at communication and listening, while understanding the issues at hand is crucial to successful mediation, arbitration, and facilitation services to settle disputes.

Mediation or arbitration helps ensure privacy for all parties involved compared to litigation which can sometimes become a public affair. Save valuable time and money and improve your chances of a resolution that meets your needs, by using mediation or arbitration services instead of taking a disagreement to court.

Travel Insurance Mediation

Our travel insurance mediation processes take place in a comfortable and conversation-welcoming setting to bring both parties together to determine an agreed upon resolution. This discussion is overseen by an experienced professional litigator with years of experience and expertise in trial work on both sides of the table – for insurance companies and plaintiffs alike – in personal injury, negligence, professional malpractice, and insurance cases. Because mediation is facilitated by an unbiased mediator, all parties are brought together to talk and work through the insurance claim dispute, so that ultimately, a mutually decided outcome can be determined. While settlements cannot be forced because mediation is not binding, the time and money that can be saved by not going through litigation can benefit both sides. A mediator has no power to impose a solution, instead, the mediator facilitates the parties’ communication and points them to possible solutions to resolve the issue.

Travel Insurance Arbitration

Arbitration is conducted in a comfortable and results-driven setting while providing greater control over who hears all details of a travel insurance-related dispute. Those who are a part of the arbitration process, typically conducted by a panel of arbitrators who are chosen for roles similar to a judge, then provide recommendations for resolution instead of relying on a randomly chosen judge or jury that comes with litigation. Once all of the evidence is presented to the panel, they will take the evidence into consideration, form their opinions and provide those opinions in written form on a resolution that can either be binding or non-binding. Arbitration is typically considered to be binding which means that arbitration replaces the trial and litigation process to come to a resolution for your travel insurance case.


Whether you choose mediation or arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution at Advocate’s Forum is rapidly becoming the smartest way to handle personal injury and many other types of cases. For the convenience of the disputing parties, Advocate’s Forum professionals will even travel to any mutually agreeable location.