Why choose mediation vs litigation?

Alternative dispute resolution is revolutionizing the legal profession. The place is Advocate’s Forum.

As today’s court system struggles to cope with unprecedented caseloads, overflowing dockets, and spiraling costs; litigants are constantly searching for effective alternatives. By turning to alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration, instead of a lengthy court battle, you can save valuable time and money.

Experience & Expertise

Advocate’s Forum is overseen by an experienced professional litigator who has logged years of trial work on both sides of the table – for insurance companies and plaintiffs alike – in personal injury, negligence, professional malpractice and insurance cases.

Over the past fifteen years, James E Reid has settled hundreds of cases while keeping an outstanding neutral reputation. For years we have been applying that expertise – through mediation and arbitration – in a comfortable, results-oriented atmosphere.

James E. Reid is a Fellow of the American College of Civil Trial Mediators. Fellows go through a comprehensive application process based on their experience, skill, reputation, ethical standards and commitment to alternative dispute resolution. Established in 1995, the College accepts members who have clearly demonstrated years of working in the field at the highest level of achievement. Fellows regularly engage in conducting education programs, lecturing, and authoring publications.



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Because we know the cost of bringing a case to trial can be prohibitive, we are proud to offer you a cost-effective, timely resolution of your claim at realistic rates. For example, doctor testimony alone in personal injury cases can be extremely costly. With alternative dispute resolution, the need for such expert witnesses may be limited or eliminated altogether.

At Advocate’s Forum, we work with everyone to ease a stress-filled situation with first class facilities, amenities, and service. Work through the alternative dispute resolution process in our professional and comfortable atmosphere that allows all parties to focus on the resolution of the case at hand. If you choose arbitration, our courtroom setting provides internet connections, dataports, and advanced audio/video systems.

Our mediation conference rooms are specifically designed to enhance comfort and create a conducive environment. In fact, we happily provide convenient parking, refreshments, and other amenities daily.

What You Can Expect


Beyond the comfortable atmosphere of our courtroom, informal, and formal conference rooms, at Advocates Forum, you can expect a professional atmosphere.

With over fifteen years and hundreds of cases of experience, your case will be handled with the utmost expertise and experience. Advocates Forum strives to make every case as collegial as possible, you will receive the privacy and attention that you deserve while working to reach a decision.

Advocate’s Forum is an established and highly respected mediating and arbitrating center with experienced professionals obtaining a strong, solid reputation in alternative dispute resolution.

Most arbitration decisions are delivered within two weeks and can save you valuable time and expense. The traditional system of dispute resolution is adversarial by nature. Mediation is not, as communication is encouraged and helps reduce the stress associated with claims.

Resolve Your Case at Advocate’s Forum

Having logged years of trial work on both sides of the table in personal injury, negligence, professional malpractice and insurance cases – we are now ready to help you achieve the resolution your cases need.

In our technologically advanced courtroom – disputing parties are brought together – either through arbitration or mediation. In each case, the proceedings are overseen by a mutually accepted, impartial arbitrator or mediator.

Arbitrators hear both arguments, then deliver binding judgments in a timely fashion. Mediators attempt to find a common ground and bring about an amicable settlement.

At Advocate’s Forum, we believe our alternative methodology can have a strong, positive impact on the entire case resolution system. To learn more about how we can help you achieve timely, cost-effective resolution, call us at (315) 569-4326 or Contact Us Online.